The Best Organic Coconut Oil for Hair – A Dr. Bronner’s Product Review

The Best Organic Coconut Oil for Hair – A Dr. Bronner’s Product Review

Product: Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil, Organic, 14 Ounce Jar

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My personal rating: 10/10the-best-organic-coconut-oil-for-hair

Product Specifications

  • Whole Kernel/White Kernel Coconut Oil
  • Organic
  • Virgin
  • GMO free and Organic
  • Fair Trade
  • Bottled in a Glass Jar
  • Cold Pressed
  • Unrefined

With hundreds of different coconut oil products flooding the market it makes it difficult to choose just one, but don’t fret I am here to help, I do all the research so you don’t have to. Dr. Bronner’s makes the best organic coconut oil for hair, but that’s just me, read my review and then try it for yourself.

Product Description

Dr. Bronner’s Coconut Oil is white in color and should be virtually odorless or contain a slight nutty smell and flavor. It is always better to buy coconut oil in a glass jar, it is safer and no chemicals from the plastic can seep into your pure oil.

Where do these organic coconuts come from?

Dr. Bronner’s cruelty free coconut oil comes from Sri Lanka, the palm trees are grown by local farmers which then also harvest the organic coconuts. Bronner’s has a project called Serendipol- Fair and Organic. The project includes agricultural training which provides local farmers with all the knowledge needed to grow top of the range coconuts. Waste and water reduction is also a priority for the farmers. They do not use harmful pesticides when farming meaning the end product is safe for human use whether it be for consumption or your beauty regime. Their coconut oil is a USDA approved product.


Fair Trade

Bronner’s believes that every employee and farmer should be treated fair, by receiving a fair salary, working in good conditions and empowering the community with social development, improving sanitary conditions, infrastructure and providing education, putting money back in to the community.

Unrefined, Virgin and Vegan Coconut Oil

Unrefined: All coconut oil products are refined because you take it out of its natural form to extract the oil, but what makes this oil different is that it is cold pressed meaning processed at very low temperatures so that it maintains all the goodness.

Virgin: No chemicals or harmful ingredients are added to the product to maintain shelf life or to make extraction easier. It is the purest form of raw coconut oil.

Vegan: This product was certified as a vegan product by Vegan Action as it contains no traces of animal products and no animals are harmed when producing this product.

Non-Hydrogenated and GMO Free

This coconut oil is non-hydrogenated meaning the oil has not been exposed to the process where they change the unsaturated fatty acids into saturated fatty acids; when oil is hydrogenated your body is unable to recognize these new molecules leading to a great increase in health risks including heart disease. Don’t buy hydrogenated oil just because it is cheaper.

It is also GMO-free (Genetically Modified organisms), no changes has been made to the DNA of this product, the coconuts are still in the same form that you would’ve found in prehistoric times, no changes has been made to alter the palm tree or coconuts in any way.

Cold-Pressed coconut oil

The extraction process used is called cold- pressed meaning the process does not exceed 120 °C. The oil does not lose any of its nutritious value or health benefits.

Whole Kernel vs White Kernel

Whole Kernel: In order to get as much flavor out of the coconut, the hard, brown inner shell of the coconut is also pressed as a whole with the inner white flesh to enhance the nutty coconut aroma and nutrition even more.

White Kernel: Only the inner white flesh is used when the oil is extracted, there is not a significant difference between the two types. When using it for hair care I would opt for the cheaper one which is white kernel, but it is up to you both will get the job done.

What can it be used for:

This coconut oil has many uses, hair care is of course on the top of my list, but it can be used for cooking, facial care including a moisturizer, make-up remover or sunscreen. It can even be used on animals; it is extremely safe and versatile.

History of the Companythe-best-organic-coconut-oil-for-hair

Emanuel Bronner was born in 1908 and passed in 1997, he lived with his family in Heilbronn, Germany they were all soap makers. Dr. Bronner moved to America in 1929 where he later gained citizenship. He made soap right out of his home, after moving around a few times, California stole his heart. He settled there with his family and his home based business grew into a small factory sending out over a million products every year. Bronner’s labels his products with religious messages that portray peace and kindness. His grandson runs the business now but the company is still based on Bronner’s 6 traditional principles; I wish more companies would follow their lead.

  1. Work hard and grow
  2. Do right by customers
  3. Treat employees like family
  4. Be fair to suppliers
  5. Treat the earth like home
  6. Fund and fight for what’s right

This is a great choice of coconut oil as it is produced and sourced by people that have lots of experience in seeking only the best ingredients for their products and this product is definitely top of the range. Also by purchasing their products you can create a positive impact on the local farmers that produce them.

If you have any questions or if you had a good or bad experience with this coconut oil please drop a comment below, your opinion is always welcome.

Your Friend Chani

The Faeriedaele Fox

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7 Replies to “The Best Organic Coconut Oil for Hair – A Dr. Bronner’s Product Review”

  1. Thanks very much for sharing your views on the organic coconut oil for hair from Dr. Bronner. Very interesting and complete review. I am also totally for everything organic so I look forward to your future articles and product reviews, main while I have already alot to go through on your great website.

    Best wishes,

    John ツ

    1. Hi John, thanks for reading my review I really appreciate it. I agree organic is the way forward and I will definitely keep posting organic product reviews. Have a lovely evening.

  2. Hi Chani! Great recommendation!

    I would like to find out a bit more please? How to use the coconut oil for hair care? What are the benefits when using coconut for hair care? Does it help with hair loss? Does it help with hair regrowth?

    Also, for skin care, how does it help? Does it remove blemishes and skin scars or marks? And how to use it?

    Other than the how to use info, thanks for the rest of the information. I am happy to hear that this product is GMO Free and is of Fair Trade. More products are out having the same attributes. Look forward to more such products recommendations from you.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Timotheus, thank you. I have a post that you can read, it will give you a better understanding on how to use the coconut oil and the benefits thereof. It does help with hair loss and regrowth, it might not cure major hair loss problems but will help to alleviate the problem and in some cases treat it, it makes the hair shaft less brittle and healthier so that the strands won’t break off as easily. Coconut oil lightens scars over time, it keeps skin moisturized, heals the damaged skin and prevents bacterial infections. Thank you for reading my post. Kind Regards Chani

  3. I knew coconut oil had a lot of great benefits for the body. However I had not realized how beneficial it could be for your hair. Looks like am going to have to increase the coconut oil in my life a little.

    Thanks for the great info!


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