How to Prevent Hair Breakage – Top 10 Tips

How to Prevent Hair Breakage – Top 10 Tips

When fragile, broken pieces of hair stand upright in different directions as they take over your sleek hair style and you have to tame them with 10 different types of hair spray. That is when you have to realize that what you are doing has not been working. Even I have been doing damage to my hair by doing the same thing every day; even though I know it’s wrong. Think of it this way, use the incorrect way for a week, the damage might be minimal, but do that same thing for 6 months or a year the damage could become almost irreparable.

1. Do not brush wet hair

When your hair is wet it tangles very easily, when you try to brush it then it is like thin strands of elastic that pulls on your scalp and then snap right off, mostly closer to the ends where the hair is at its driest. Try to brush it out before washing your hair and wait until your hair is dry before brushing it again, If you are in a hurry use your hair dryer just to dry it a little before trying to brush through. I don’t always have time to wash my hair in the morning and wait for it to completely dry so I always try to wash it early the night before so that it has time to dry properly.

2. Tight ponytails and buns are a BIG NO

I am very guilty concerning this, I wear ponytails about every second day and I like to bun it up when I shower or bath, at least I sleep with it loose, but that’s not enough. I have only been wearing these two styles continuously for about 6 months, because it’s easy, convenient and fast. But I can literally see the hair breakage increasing. So let it loose, try a regular loose braid down the side, or a low ponytail, don’t bind it too tight. Where the elastic band is wrapped around the hair, hair will become weak and increase breakage, also if you pull it too tight it could pull the hair right out at the roots and cause baldness.

3. Cut it often

Split ends need to be chopped off before they ruin your beautiful hair strands. If they aren’t cut off they will split the hair strand in half, I have had 3 splits on one strand and they keep on splitting until they’re cut. It may even seem as if your hair is growing slowly, but it’s just because your hair is breaking off faster than it can grow and when the hairdresser cuts it then, they have to chop off much more than they would’ve if you had just gone there 3 or 4 times a year.

4. Don’t Towel Dry

It soaks up excess water, it feels fluffy and warm, but it is very damaging to your hair. Don’t ever rub your hair it tangles and damages the outer layer, the cuticle. The cuticle keeps the hair strand hydrated and full of elasticity as soon as this is damaged your hair will be left lifeless and susceptible to breakage. The new craze that works is to use a t-shirt instead of a towel and just pat the hair or loosely wrap the shirt around your hair.

5. Don’t wash it too often

It is tempting to wash your hair every day, but it is a gateway to many other hair problems. You will wash away all the natural oils that your scalp produces to nurture the hair, without giving it a chance to work, leaving your hair brittle and dry. Wash your hair with a sulphate-free shampoo every second or third day, if you feel like you can go longer, do it.

6. Heat damage

To look your best, many styles require heat and most of us have two or three styling devices. I have a curling Iron, straightener and a hair dryer I use all three of them on a weekly basis. Prevent heat damage by using heat-protection spray or a leave in conditioner. Don’t use heating devices for a consecutive amount of time on the same section of hair it will damage the cuticles. Try not to use them more than twice a week and when you do, keep it on a low heat setting. I pat my hair with a t-shirt and as soon as it’s damp I use my dryer for the last stretch.

7. Don’t Bleach & Dye too often

I have light brown- blondish hair and about 2 years ago I decided to put high-lights in it may have been the worst mistake I could’ve made, the first time it was great, it looked very nice, but the second time all my hair was nearly blonde and the third time I went for touch-ups I was blond. My hair kept growing and I kept going back every 3 months to color my roots and last year this time I decided I wasn’t going to color it again and let it grow out. Between the hair that grew out and the last pieces of blonde that is still left, there is a major difference. The bleached strands break easily, they’re thin and split so easily. Try not to perm your hair, any chemical treatments damage the hair. Don’t re-dye too often, every 2 months is fine unless it is bleach, if you can stay away from bleach, do it, if not try an ombre where it is not necessary to often bleach at all, just brass, yellow tone correcting. Bleach penetrates the hair shaft leaving the cuticle open for moisture loss. Go dark or natural.

8. Use the correct Hair Bands & Brushes

Hair bands break our hair more than you can imagine, I have found that ribbon ties and scrunchies work the best for me, they don’t pull out the hair and they don’t cause breakage. They don’t have metal clamps or rubber that stick out after only a few uses. Don’t tie your hair too tight with any elastic bands, too much of anything isn’t a good thing. Never use plastic bristle brushes, use a boar hair bristle brush it is a great choice to prevent breakage or use a detangling comb/brush for pain free knot and tangle removing.

9. Sun Damage

Your hair and scalp is just like any other part of your body, if it is exposed to the sun it will get damaged. The UVA and UVB rays can damage the cuticles of your hair, which then leaves your hair unprotected, dry and brittle. The best way to protect your hair is to wear a hat, but that is not always possible, you can also apply sunscreen to the visible scalp lines, wear leave in conditioner or hair spray that contains a shield against sun-damage. Remember to stay out of the sun between 10 am and 3 pm. Stay safe.

10. Satin pillow cases- Not only for Royalty

Although they look and feel wonderful to sleep on, they can prevent breakage to your hair. The average person sleeps for about 8 hours a day and that makes up one third of your whole life. Something so simple can save you a lot of money and time. Silk pillows prevents tangles, they don’t soak up the natural oils that your hair produce and your hair can glide across the pillow if you move around too much in your sleep like I do.

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These 10 tips can seem petty, but they can really help to prevent unnecessary hair breakage. I also have a few things to change in my daily routine, heat damage and ponytails. Which ones have you tried and have they worked for you? Let me know in the comments section below, I would love to hear from you.

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