How often should you cut your hair? Don’t waste money.

How often should you cut your hair? Don’t waste money.

Know Your Hair

When I was a kid of about 5 years old my mom took me to the hairdresser and they cut my hair into a short bob, I was horrified. All I wanted was long hair and it took me years to grow my hair to the length that it is now.After that I was always skeptical about cutting my hair my mom would take me to the hairdresser once or twice a year if all that much to just cut the split ends off without really shortening the length if she could get me there.

A few years later and my hair was quite long and also full of split ends. At the time I was too young to really care all that much about split ends but when I hit the teens it began to bother me and on my 17th birthday I decided to cut my hair much shorter and wow what a difference healthy hair with not even 1 split end in sight. But the joy didn’t last long I wanted my long hair back again. I’ve been growing it for 6 years now and I have eventually reached my goal. It took me years to realize that it is better to cut your hair more often than almost never. If only I had come to that realization sooner my hair would’ve been much longer now.


How often should you cut your hair?

It’s safe to say the average person should cut their hair every 3 months or basically 4 times a year evenly distributed. Don’t go overboard hair grows at quite an average speed of  0.5 inches or 1.25 centimeters every month which is great but cutting it too often might leave you with that short bob that I had as a child. If you’re trying to grow long hair ask your hair dresser to cut off as little as possible as you want to grow it to a certain length and not just maintain a hairstyle. It all comes down to personal preference you know your hair better than anyone if your hair is very healthy and not prone to split ends you should wait longer in between haircuts as it will give your hair a boost in length but keep an eye out for split ends. If it is the other way around rather cut it more often and maintain healthy hair.


By cutting your hair often it eliminates split ends and flyaways leaving your hair healthy and shiny. The scary thing about split ends are if they aren’t stopped and chopped off they will keep on splitting the hair strand until it reaches the roots. That might take long but I have had some crazy long splits and it terrifies me to think that my poor hair strand that took ages to grow is now split in half and has to be removed.

Does split ends cause your hair to grow slower?

No, but it will  take longer to reach your desired hair length. Because If you go for a haircut once a year your hairdresser will have to cut off most of the length of hair that you have grown so desperately for the past year and all will be in vain. And even if they just remove the bottom tips of the strand, you will be left with a whole bunch of split ends. Hair splits faster than it actually grows. Once your hair is healthy again with no split ends you can literally just let them cut the bare minimum to give your hair a chance to grow.

Save up for haircuts or do it yourself

Do yourself a favor put that money aside for the quarterly hair cut every year or save up for it in the months that you don’t need a haircut. If you have no other choice cut off the splits yourself. I have cut my own ends because I can’t always afford a hairdresser. But don’t skip it you will be disappointed in the end and remember cutting less won’t always guarantee long healthy hair.

How to cut your own split ends

Brush your hair then start by taking a small section of hair place your index finger on top, your middle finger below the hair strands and your ring finger on top again. Slowly move down that section of hair and cut off all the split ends that stick up. When you reach the end of the section cut the last tips off with the tip of a sharp pair of scissors. It is always better to go to a hair salon for a good trim but times are tough and it’s not always listed in the budget so this is the best alternative.

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