GHD AIR Professional Performance Hair Dryer Review – For Hair that Speaks Fabulous

GHD AIR Professional Performance Hair Dryer Review – For Hair that Speaks Fabulous

GHD AIR Professional Performance Hair Dryer Review- For Hair that Speaks Fabulous

Product: ghd air™ hairdryer

Suggested Retail Price: $199.00

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon, click here for pricing.

My Rating: 9 Out of 10

Guarantee: 24 Month Warranty

GHD Product Features

    • Professional strength 1600 Watt AC motor for quick drying.
    • Advanced ionic technology
    • 3 Heat Settings Cool, Medium and Hot.
    • 2 Speed Settings
    • Cool Shot
    • Designed for right and left handed users.
    • Power Cable 3m
    • Colour: Matte black with a subtle metallic finish.

Why this is an AWESOME product:

This GHD hair dryer is all you need, with a modern, stylish design, packed in a sturdy, dazzling box why would you not want it. GHD is a trusted brand; they deliver good quality products which you can trust.

Hair Type

This hair dryer is best to be used for thick hair as it dries it very quickly, but can be used with all hair types just adjust the heat and speed settings to your preference.

Motor Strength and Ergonomics

This GHD has a powerful motor of 1600 Watts to cut your drying time in half and is designed so that left and right handed people can use it with ease.

The Speed and Heat Settings

  • 3 Heat Settings Cool, Medium and Hot.
  • 2 Speed Settings

Unfortunately these buttons sit on the back of the handle, where your palm would normally grip the dryer that means you could accidentally change settings while in the middle of drying your hair.

Cool Shot Setting

The cold air is used set your blow wave in place as it helps to keep the volume in your hair. The amount of oil produced by your scalp is reduced and there will be less frizziness if you finish your blow out with this function.


The Advanced Ionic Technology

Ionic Technology is negatively charged ions which help the water to evaporate faster, cutting drying time in half and it isn’t necessary to use this dryer on the hottest heat setting. It’s great for a dry hair type that damages easily, as it conditions the hair, therefore reducing damage, frizz and flyaways. It also leaves your hair silky smooth and with improved shine.

Weight, Noise Level & Plug

Some say that this product is lightweight compared to other professional salon hair dryers, others say it is heavy, but it depends on who you are, and what you bench when you work out.

It has a low noise level compared to other hair dryers, won’t annoy your neighbors and won’t affect your hearing.

This dryer has a US polarized (3 pinned/Safety) plug.


This hair dryer comes with 2 concentrator nozzles:

  1. Wider/Thinner Nozzle – For drying thicker long hair and drying larger areas faster.
  2. Narrow/Thicker Nozzle – A concentrated airflow that that dries’s your hair fast and leaves it shiny.

There have been complaints of people having difficulty removing the nozzles, but I would rather have a nozzle that fits tightly than one that falls off while styling.

How to clean the filter:

Easy to clean filter at the back, you just twist the outer plastic and it comes right off, take out the silver filter, clean it, put back the silver filter in the plastic casing and twist it right onto the hair dryer again.

In my opinion this is a good quality product for a good price definitely a must have for any GHD lover.


If you have had a good or bad experience with this hair dryer please leave a comment below I would love to hear about it.

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6 Replies to “GHD AIR Professional Performance Hair Dryer Review – For Hair that Speaks Fabulous”

  1. My wife is GHD hairdryer mad and she has to have nothing but GHD and she drives me crazy with them if I’m honast! I have go say though that she has recently got this hairdryer for herself and it has to be the quietest one to date

    1. Hi Matthew, I also love GHD it is a great product, I have a GHD straightener and I’ve had no problems so far. It is good to hear honest opinions from users. Thanks for reading my post. May your wife have long usage from her product. Have a lovely day. Kind Regards 🙂

  2. I am looking for a hair dryer for my wife, this looks like a good one. I don’t use a hair dryer much and they all seem the same to me lol. Do you know if this is easy to pack up and take on a trip? It would be nice to just grab it and go without a hassle.

    1. Hi Scott, At first glace they all look like they could do the same thing but it’s the inside that counts and of course all ladies love beautiful things. This one is an average sized hair dryer not ideal for traveling. I will be posting some great traveling hair dryer reviews soon. Keep checking in. Thanks for reading my post. Kind Regards

  3. Thanks for this review! There are so many hair driers to choose from. I like that it is quieter than some and that it has two nozzles for different types of hair. I also like that it is for both left and right handed people – something that isn’t considered enough. I am not shopping for a new hair drier right now but if I were I would consider this hair drier.

    1. Hi Marsha, thanks for popping in to my site. Yes, there are hundreds to choose from that’s why I am narrowing it down for my readers to choose the best dryers. It is impossible to choose out of the mass of dryers and 80% of them have false advertising. I play detective these days. My best friend is left handed so I always try to think of her in certain situations. When you are ready to purchase one just check in to my site to find something to fit your pocket and needs. Thanks for the support.

      Have a lovely day 🙂

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