Elastic hair bands – The damage they can cause

Elastic hair bands – The damage they can cause

When I come home from work in the afternoons my favorite thing to do is, let my hair loose. It’s such a stress reliever; it’s in that moment that I realize I am actually home and free to do what I want.


I am one of those people that can’t work with my hair down, it is probably a mental thing but when my hair is loose it’s difficult for me to get down to it, it irritates me when it hangs over my eyes and in my face when I am trying to get things done. So most of the time my hair is in a bun or just a plain ponytail, very boring I know but for work it’s necessary.

When I was younger there was only a few types of hair bands available in the stores and only a few that we were allowed to wear at school, black or brown elastic hair bands with the metal clip was the in thing but they were definitely not hair friendly, when you take it out it usually pulls

elastic-hair-bandsa bunch of hair out with it, and when the rubber starts showing after you’ve worn them too many times several strands of twisted broken hair comes along its just painful and I never want to wear them again. Also they go paired with headaches even if I just wrapped it around twice.

The next best thing was those thick puffy bands, they were colorful but I wouldn’t dare wear those going into high school the kids would’ve tortured me also because I came from a small conservative elastic-hair-bandsschool that would’ve just been ammunition to make the new kids life miserable.

After that the elastic bands without the metal part emerged, but with the joined seam still visible they unfortunately also break the hair and pull it out.elastic-hair-bands

In the last few years I’ve been buying the thin elastic bands with the metal clip also visible which elastic-hair-bandsseemed to work a little bit better but they still damaged my hair. Also because they are so thin I lost most of them, never to be seen again.

A friend then introduced me to the stretchy plastic coiled phone wire looking hair bands, they were very cute and I think they would work better for young children, but for me not so much. When I made a pony tail some parts of the hair would stick up higher than others and I like a elastic-hair-bandssleek pony tail. When taking it out it doesn’t necessarily break the hair like the others but it does pull it a bit, the plastic kind of clings to your hair.

Then I found the best hair band so far. Literally I do not get headaches anymore true story. As soon as I exchange these bands for one of the others that I have my headache begins, I’ve tested it. They are strong, durable and cheap. I had a packet of three, I lost 2 and still have one and they lasted me for almost a year. My best friend bought me a new pack on my birthday in October and I’ve only used 1 of the 5 so far and i’m sure they will last me for more than a year.

They’re called Ribbon Ties or No Crease Elastic Ribbons they come in cute elastic-hair-bandscolors nude, neon, polka dots anything you can think of. They make a pretty pony tail or bun. I never see strands of hair that are twisted around it; they don’t break and pull out the hair. What more could a girl ask for. In the near future I will test some of the other hair bands on the market and post a review on the top 5, there are many out there and many that work well without the added damage but for now these are my favorites.


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Let me know in the comments section what you have experienced with these different types of hair bands and what works for you.

Have Happy Hair Days

Chani Swart

The Faeriedaele Fox

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