Conair Ionic Hair Dryer- 1875 Watt Pro Styler Review

Conair Ionic Hair Dryer- 1875 Watt Pro Styler Review

Product: Conair 1875 Watt Pro Styler Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

Suggested Retail Price: $21.99

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon, get the price here.conair-ionic-hair-dryer

My Rating: This product is excellent in its class 8/10.

Amazon Rating: 4.3 Stars out of 5

Guarantee: Limited 2 year warranty

Conair Specifications

  • Powerful Turbo Styler 1875 Watt DC motor
  • Ionic Conditioning Technology
  • 3 Heat Settings- Cool, Medium and Hot.
  • 2 Speed Settings- High and Low.
  • Cool Shot Button
  • For both right and left handed users
  • Approximately 5 Foot/1.5 Meter Power Cable with a loop for hanging it up.
  • Color: A chrome barrel with a black body.
  • Approximately 8.5”/21cm

Product Design and History

This Conair Ionic hair dryer really has an awesome look with its shimmering black and chrome finish. It’s quite a basic hair dryer but it is reliable and pretty, just right for a DIY blow dry. Conair has been producing hair dryers since the 60’s they are situated in East Windsor, New Jersey. No wonder their products are so trendy they have over 50 years of experience in the field.

Hair Types:

It works great on all hair types, but perfect on fine, thin hair just adjust the heat and speed settings to your preference. Thick hair will take longer to dry, but many women with thick hair have claimed that it really minimizes their drying time and does not damage their hair; I would recommend a stronger AC dryer for very thick wavy or curly hair.

Motor Strength and Ergonomicsconair-ionic-hair-dryer

This Conair has a strong 1875 DC motor, which is great for at-home use. A DC (Direct Current) motor is a light motor which is meant for everyday household use and does a wonderful task in drying hair fast without making your arms as tired as with most heavy AC dryers. It has a comfortable curved handle to hold while styling. The switches are in the way while holding your dryer but at least accidental changes won’t occur. The cord could’ve been longer, most power outlets aren’t always close by so it makes it difficult to move around and be in a comfortable position while drying.

The Speed and Heat Settings

  • 3 Heat Settings – Cool, Medium and Hot.
  • 2 Speed Settings – High, Low and Off.

The sliding speed and heat settings are situated on the front of the handle. These sliding switches were well chosen because accidental changes won’t occur while styling, but in the midst of styling you will have to either put the dryer down to change settings or you will have to change the settings using both hands. The hot setting is not extremely hot, but will get the job done. I believe in less heat and healthier hair.

Cool Shot Button/Setting Switch

The nice part about this dryer is that it has the cool shot button and a cool heat setting, so if you get tired of pushing in the button, switch the sliding heat setting to cool and set your freshly blow waved hair in place.

Auto Ionic Conditioning- for frizz free hair

Smooth and frizz free hair is guaranteed with Ionic Conditioning Technology where negative ions break up water molecules and shortens drying time immensely. Hair is healthier because less heat can be used for quick drying, leaving hair moisturized and silky smooth. 

Weight, Noise Level & Plug

Every review states that this is a lightweight hair dryer and according to the specs, that is correct at a weight of 1.8 Pounds.

Many reviews stated that this dryer is in-between when it comes to the noise level, but that depends because all dryers are noisy in my opinion, use ear plugs for hearing protection when you dry your hair.

This dryer has a US polarized (3 pinned/Safety) plug.


1 x Concentrator Nozzle is included with your dryer:conair-ionic-hair-dryer

To concentrate the blast of air on a specific section while drying, reducing frizz and leaving your hair smooth it also reduces tangles because your hair won’t be blown in all directions when you’re using a nozzle.

How to clean the removable filter:

To prevent dust particles from clogging up your device and giving you poor performance, remove the plastic filter right at the back, you have to push it in a little bit and twist it off. Then you can clean the filter and snap it on again. For the best performance clean your filter regularly to increase your dryers’ lifespan.

For the low price that this Conair is going for it is definitely a good buy. It has all the technology needed for smooth, healthy hair but for a quarter of the price.

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Feel free to drop a comment below, let me know if you have had good or bad experience with this dryer your opinion is always welcome here.

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4 Replies to “Conair Ionic Hair Dryer- 1875 Watt Pro Styler Review”

  1. just so happened that I needed a hair dryer this time,and found this site was amazed at the price for it- that is a very reasonably perfect price for just a basic use… and I do believe Con-Air Brand has been around for that quite long on the market already and their product has already been tested and proven, and this Con-Air 1875 is just only right for me for my normal fine hair … thanks for the reviews!

    1. Hi There. I am so glad that I could help you find your match!! Yes, and they have such a wide variety of dryers it makes it difficult to choose just one. Thank you for supporting my site and reading my review. Have happy hair days 🙂

    1. Hi Haley, thanks for taking the time to read my review. Which Karmin hair dryer do you have? I would love to do a review on it. Kind Regards

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