Conair Hair Dryer 1875- Ionic, Ceramic Technology

Conair Hair Dryer 1875- Ionic, Ceramic Technology

Product: Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875 Watt AC Hair Dryerconair-hair-dryer-1875

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon, get the price here.

My Rating: This dryer deserves an 7/10.

Amazon rating: 4.3 Stars out of 5

Guarantee: Limited 2 year warranty

Conair Specifications

  • 1875 Watt Powerful AC Motor
  • Ionic Technology
  • Ceramic Technology
  • 3 Heat Settings- Cool, Warm and Hot.
  • 2 Speed Settings- High and Low.
  • Cold Shot Button
  • Easy use for right and left handed users.
  • 6 Foot Power Cable with a hanging ring.
  • Color: Striking Orange
  • Dryer Size: 11”/27 cm

Product Design and History

This hair dryer has a modern look with its fiery orange body, even the filter has a touch of chrome to add to its beauty. Conair has been producing hair dryers since 1960 in New Jersey. It is easy to use and has technology that will leave your hair soft and manageable as if you had just been at the salon.

Hair Types:

Thick or thin hair this dryer can do it all, it has a powerful AC motor like a professional salon dryer which means you can use it for longer it won’t burn out and overheat because of thick or long hair. Just adjust the speed to your hair type, less wind for thin hair.

Motor Strength and Ergonomics

This funky orange dryer has an 1875 Watt motor, just what you need for a super quick drying session; it can cut your drying time in half because of the powerful blast of air that it generates. An AC motor is much stronger and lasts longer than the normal DC motors. This dryer has a long chord which makes it easy to move around if you blow your hair like I do that is a bonus, I am all over the place. The handle is curved so it really is comfortable to hold.

The Speed and Heat Settingsconair-hair-dryer-1875

  • 3 Heat Settings – Hot, warm, cool.
  • 2 Speed Settings – High, Low and Off.

The rocker switches situated on the front of the curvy handle are kind of in the way, they are right where your fingers come together in the front and that means accidental setting changes can occur while styling. This dryer will dry hair faster because of the strong motor which means less heat damage and healthier hair.

Cold Shot Button/Cool Setting Switch

The cold shot button takes about 2 seconds to get cold, really cold which is great. It’s quick and efficient. What is nice about this dryer is that if you get tired of pushing in the cold shot button you can alternatively use the cool setting if you prefer to dry only with cool air. These settings are mostly used to set your freshly blow waved hair in place.


Ionic Conditioning Technology- for frizz free hair

This ionic feature is awesome it means less damage to your hair, negative ions break up the water molecules on your wet hair, reducing drying time and eliminating static electricity. This technology leaves your hair smooth and virtually frizz free and much healthier. The ionic feature can’t be turned off.

Ceramic Technology

The inside of your dryer’s barrel is coated with ceramic; it heats up much faster and evenly. The ceramic coating also prevents the barrel from getting hot. It helps to dry your hair faster using far-infrared heat, which penetrates the hair shaft without removing the natural moisture. In conclusion there is less damage to your hair and faster drying.

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Weight, Noise Level, Plug

Ceramic, AC motor dryers are a bit heavier than DC motors (cheaper models), it has a weight of 2.55 pounds, but seeing as your drying time will be shorter your arms won’t get tired so quickly. This dryer is not so loud, but always wear ear plugs to protect your hearing.

This dryer has a US polarized (3 pinned/Safety) plug.

2 x Accessories Included:

  1. Concentrator nozzle – For a blast of air in a specific area for straighter and smoother hair.conair-hair-dryer-1875
  2. Diffuser – For drying curly or wavy hair, not losing the bounce of your natural curls.

These nozzles clip on easily into the front tip of the barrel and they won’t fall off while styling.

How to clean the removable filter:

Twist off the filter at the back, clean it and clip it back on again, to prevent lint/fuzz build up. Do this once a month for better performance.

I really like this dryer, there are many good reviews about this specific model and color. It has great built in technology for the price. Definitely a must buy.

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If you have one of these dryers or have a question or more info on it, leave a comment below.

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2 Replies to “Conair Hair Dryer 1875- Ionic, Ceramic Technology”

  1. Thanks for reviewing a few of the best hair dryers available on the market Chani. I am particularly interested in investing in a good quality hair dryer, not for myself as you might guess from my gravatar photo, but as I came across your website, I thought that it would do a great Christmas gift for my wife. Thanks for solving my problem.

    I have a couple of questions though:

    1 – Can these products be shipped to France?
    2 – The voltage here in France is 220 volts, are your dryers available in that power?

    Looking forward to your response.

    John ツ

    1. Hi John, it is a pleasure I want to give my readers valuable information to make their decision easier when choosing a quality dryer.
      I currently have 3 dryers that can be shipped to France.
      But unfortunately these products have US polarized (3 pinned/Safety) plugs, which means if you would want to purchase any of these dryers you would have to buy a plug adapter/travel adapter and a step up converter (110- 220V). Most suppliers don’t recommend converters. I will soon be writing some reviews on dual voltage dryers I will keep you posted, they can be used in France, with just the adapter.

      You have thought of a wonderful Christmas gift, she will certainly adore it.
      Have a lovely evening John. 🙂

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